20 Things That Should've Gotten Street Outlaws Cancelled

Street Outlaws is a reality television series that first began in 2013. The show has enjoyed a successful run over the years and is now in its tenth season. However, things aren't all that they seem, and the show has been tainted by drama since its humble beginnings. That's right, from your average reality show spectacle to actual real-life legal troubles, it is a wonder that the show is still going at all. Yep, when you put together money, fast cars, and questionable characters, it seems obvious that things are unlikely to run smoothly.

As soon as the show began, things soon turned sour, but this didn't stop audiences from tuning in. Yes, within a few episodes, the show generated a large following, a following that is nice extremely big. Street Outlaws gave audiences something that they had already kind of seen but mixed together with a gigantic twist. The street race concept was a major seller, which then became even more compelling when fans got to know the people who were behind the wheel. However, this is how the trouble began, with the cast and crew often ending up in trouble.

So, let's take a look and the ins and outs of the Discovery Channel's most eventful show and see what all the fuss is about. Here are 20 things that should've gotten Street Outlaws canceled.

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20 Drivers Regularly Lose Their Licenses

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Street Outlaws has done wonders for those involved, with the drivers each attracting fans all over the world. However, there is also a downside to the popularity. That's right, although everything on the show is legal, it can still leave a bitter taste in the mouths of the authorities. Yes, the police are said to be suspicious of the show's activities and often keep a watchful eye over those who participate in the street races. Sadly, this has also resulted in a lot of drivers losing their licenses. In fact, in 2015, the National Hot Rod Association (more on them later) threatened several drivers with the loss of their racing license if they were to appear on the show.

19 Many Racers Participate In "Off The Record" Races

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Everything that happens on the show is legal and considered to be on the right side of the law. However, that's not to say that the drivers carry on being law-abiding citizens off-screen. It has long been rumored that regular drivers on the show are fed up with the safe and somewhat easy races. That's right, the drivers are said to be annoyed at the number of rules and regulations that keep appearing as the seasons go on, with the guidelines preventing them from racing as they would prefer to. As a result, several drivers look for underground races to let off steam, with the majority of them being extremely dangerous.

18 It Glorifies Street Racing 

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Street racing might sound cool but it really isn't. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous "sports" in the world and always almost ends in tears. Each year, the number of injuries grows, with street racing also known for ending the lives of many. However, street racing is also to blame for traffic collisions, trespassing, auto theft, carjacking, property damage, and in some cases, organized crime. Yes, street racing really is bad and should never be glorified or glamorized. Sadly, Street Outlaws is extremely guilty of glorifying street racing and does so by showcasing the good rather than the bad.

17 Jerry Bird Got Caught By The Police

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Jerry Bird is one of the most popular drivers on the show and is swiftly becoming a fan favorite. Bird, along with his brother Darryl, has been racing for almost 30 years and is one of the best in the business. However, although he might be famous, it doesn't stop him from getting into trouble with the law, with Bird a somewhat regular customer when it comes to the boys in blue. That's right, Jerry has been reprimanded on more than one occasion and has had the unlucky experience of having the police waiting for him when finishing a race.

16 The Car Shop Was In Danger

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Street Outlaws sure likes to attract attention, though not all of it is good. That's right, it seems not everybody is a fan of the popular TV program, with the crew's auto shop Midwest Street Cars, unfortunately bearing the brunt. That's right, in 2015, the auto shop was the target of some dodgy business, so dodgy that someone ended up firing at the shop's facade. All in all, a whopping 11 holes ended up in the building, damaging the window and exterior. So who was the culprit? Strangely, the culprit was never found, with police later claiming that it was most likely a random attack.

15 The Show Is Staged

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It was obvious from the get-go that Street Outlaws was going to be a little bit staged. I mean, they could hardly go around competing in unlawful races and so forth. However, that's not to say that everything had to be staged. The show is mostly complete fiction with the majority of scenes written and scripted. And, just to add insult to injury, the street racing isn't real either, with the roads scouted out beforehand in order to make sure that they are safe to drive on. Yes, safety matters but if it has to be faked, then they should surely stop pretending that the races are real and that they might be in danger?

14 Derek Travis Lost His Job

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Street Outlaws is extremely controversial, mostly due to its content and off-screen activities. Therefore, it only seemed a matter of time before one crew member ended up in trouble or, at the very least, sacked. Sadly, that person was Derek Travis, who was fired from his regular job for participating on the show. That's right, Travis claimed that his boss at the time was exceptionally uncomfortable with his links to the show, which then led to him being sacked. Nevertheless, Travis didn't seem too bothered and revealed that he had acquired another job which made him ten times as happy.

13 Most Of The Drivers Are Inexperienced 

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Many of the racers in the show are extremely competitive, a characteristic that has both good and bad connotations. For instance, a number of racers are also inexperienced, which can often lead to bad driving and dangerous experiences. Sadly, competitiveness and inexperience doesn't often mix together very well and instead create a hazardous ground. For instance, several of the drivers who appeared in the New Orleans-based Street Outlaws lacked any form of racing experience whatsoever and were basically just along for the ride. However, the show has managed to produce some fresh young talent, so there is always that...

12 Cars Are Constantly Stolen

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Sadly, the show attracts a lot of negative criticism, mostly due to the content of the show as well as the dodgy off-screen activities. Yes, it might receive a large amount of praise from car lovers all over the world, but it still has its fair share of enemies. For instance, a number of big names involved in the car industry regularly announce their disgust for the show. Furthermore, the show has been blamed for contributing to rising crime levels, especially in the areas where they race. Over the years, several cars have been stolen in order to compete, only to be ditched by the side of the road.

11 Tyler "Flip" Priddy

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Tyler Gene Priddy, otherwise known as Flip, appeared on Street Outlaws in the very first season. It was clear from the beginning that Flip loved cars and he was often heard confessing his love for muscle cars, especially the Chevy El Camino. Unfortunately, not long after his first appearance, Flip was found unresponsive in his home and sadly, later perished. The cause is still unknown. However, rumors began circulating that the 31-year-old may have had a hand in his own demise. Sadly, Flip passed away before the first season was aired and was therefore unable to watch himself on the TV screen.

10 Big Chief And Chucky Collided 

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Street Outlaw'sfavoritee, Big Chief (real name Justin Shearer), is a prominent figure on the show and is probably one of the most recognizable people out of all the seasons. Therefore, when Big Chief gets into trouble, the whole world knows about it. For instance, in 2015, Big Chief managed to get into a bad accident with fellow castmember Briant "Chucky" Davis. The crash happened while the pair were filming, and caused quite a stir among those who worked on the show. In fact, the crash was so bad that producers later revealed that the two were lucky to escape with their lives, with both cars also severely damaged.

9 Daddy Dave Ended Up In Hospital

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Although the majority of the show might be staged, Street Outlaws still has its fair share of scary accidents and real, intense drama—off-screen anyway. For instance, castmember, "Daddy" Dave Comstock was involved in an accident that nearly took his life. That's right, Comstock was taking part in some illicit off-screen activities that resulted in him ending up in hospital. In fact, Comstock was driving was so fast that he somehow managed to flip his car six times before slamming it into a wall and writing off the car. Thankfully, Comstock walked away with just a bruised lung.

8 Big Chief Went To Rehab 

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Big Chief is a well-known face on the show and is also one of the most popular cast members. However, recently Big Chief has somewhat vanished, with producers keeping silent on his whereabouts. As a result, rumors have begun circulating with regards to what has happened, with rehab seemingly the most obvious answer. That's right, insiders have revealed that Big Chief has silently checked himself into rehab in order to battle an ongoing problem that has been kept secret. Although Big Chief hasn't actually commented on his vanishing act, it seems to be the only likely answer. Unless he has been fired, that is?

7 Butch DeMoss

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Butch DeMoss first appeared on Season 2 of Street Outlaws and was a memorable face both on and off screen. Sadly, in 2017, Butch was found unresponsive in his home and later passed away at just 43. The street racing community was extremely upset, with Butch a familiar and well-loved figure on the drag-racing scene. A few months after, it was revealed by a high school friend that Butch had passed away as a result of a heart attack. Although the heart attack was not directly linked to the show, several people discussed the links between high-speed racing and the effects it could have on the heart. Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Butch will be tremendously missed.

6 Ronnie Pollard Got Into Trouble

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Ronnie Pollard had only appeared a handful of times on Street Outlaws, before committing a crime that suddenly propelled him into stardom. In 2015, Pollard was apprehended for his role in a gigantic theft ring, a crime that involved at least three other men and the criminal underworld. The crime resulted in the theft of two highly expensive engines worth around $500,000. Charlie Buck, owner of the engines in question, called out the show's producers for not conducting proper background checks, claiming, "The Discovery Channel should have done a little better job checking people out, It’s just hard to believe that somebody like that’s been on TV, and then they break in and steal stuff from you."

5 Rhett Peters Got Caught With Naughty Items

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Rhett Peters made several appearances on Street Outlaws and was quickly becoming somewhat of a regular. In fact, Peters However, in 2016, Peters was apprehended for a sneaky side job that involved selling some naughty substances on the streets. Overall, it was the third time that Peters had been linked to such crimes, with the bosses at Street Outlaws seemingly unaware of his past actions. Peters was eventually found guilty of trafficking and was also linked to other offenses that had happened earlier. And, if that wasn't enough, Peters was then found to be in the possession of a loaded firearm, which finally got him kicked off the show. For a while, anyway.

4 Big Chief Has Crashed His Car Several Times

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Although Street Outlaws is mostly staged, with race tracks scouted before they are raced on, crashes can sometimes still occur. For example, despite strong safety precautions, Big Chief has still managed to crash several vehicles while driving. That's right, over the last few seasons, Big Chief has been involved in a few hairy moments, from light scratches to full-on crashes. As a result, Big Chief has undergone a number of injuries, from broken collarbones to spinal cord rupture. Yes, Big Chief is a regular at the hospital, but still comes back strong and ready to drive another day.

3 JJ Da Boss Fell Asleep At The Wheel

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It seems that the majority of the cast on Street Outlaws has gotten into trouble in some form or another. Sadly, castmember JJ Da Boss is no different and was involved in an incident in 2017. That's right, JJ managed to crash into a culvert while driving home from a late-night race. It was later revealed that JJ had been driving at 55 miles per hour before falling asleep at the wheel. As a result, JJ suffered a broken hand, a broken rib, and a large amount cuts and bruises all over his face and body. The incident highlighted the dangers of falling while driving, with JJ now encouraging fans of the show to make sure they rest before attempting to drive.

2 The NHRA Hate The Show

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The National Hot Rod Association, otherwise known as the NHRA, is a drag racing governing body located in the USA and Canada. The association is known for creating and setting the rules in which all drag racing and hosting events are held. Overall, the NHRA has over 40,000 drivers in its rosters and strongly encourages safety over anything else. The NHRA is not shy when revealing their feelings towards Street Outlaws and often slams the show for its inappropriate attitude towards street racing. In fact, the NHRA regularly announces its hatred for the show and the drivers and continually calls for it to be canceled.

1 Izzy Valenzuela

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Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sport, it seems likely that someone at some point is going to end up hurt, just ask Izzy Valenzuela. That's right, the much-loved driver was quickly becoming a fan favorite until things took a turn for the worse. Sadly, Valenzuela was involved in a crash that took the lives of two bystanders, a crash that effectively ruined his career. At first, Valenzuela denied ever being at the scene at all, claiming that he had been at the auto shop the whole time. However, police were suspicious and eventually found out that Valenzuela was at the scene and apprehended him on the spot.

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