20 Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Speeding

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offenses in the USA and in many other countries around the world. Drivers who are caught speeding can be issued with a fine or if they are going well over the speed limit, they might get points on their license, which can add up over time and lead to them losing their license altogether.

Sometimes motorists caught driving too fast can avoid serious punishment by agreeing to attend traffic school, where they will learn about the implications of driving too fast and how such mistakes can be avoided in the future.

Given that so many drivers are caught speeding on a daily basis, it is hardly surprising that celebrities are also regularly pulled over for going too fast. And thanks to the fact that everyone has cameras on their cell phones these days, there is no way for these famous faces to hide the fact that they have been in trouble with the law!

Some of the names will come as a surprise, given their usually mild-mannered image, but there are others who have a reputation for wild driving who have probably been broken the law lots of times before they actually got caught and a fine of even a few hundred dollars is unlikely to make much of a difference to these celebrities and their sizeable bank accounts!

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20 Ed Sheeran

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Musician Ed Sheeran doesn’t have a wild rock and roll image so it might come as a surprise to some of his fans to learn that he was once pulled over by the cops for speeding. Although listen closely to the words of his song Castle on the Hill, and you may hear him singing about “driving at 90” in the UK where he grew up—well over the local speed limit! Sheeran was then caught driving at 70 mph on a road which had a 60 mph limit near his family home, leaving him with a fine to pay and a point on his license.

19 Elon Musk

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Famous as the founder and innovator behind Tesla cars—as well as whole host of publicity stunts, including putting a Tesla Roadster into space—Elon Musk was caught speeding in one of his own cars, a Tesla Model S. And to make things worse, he had some very famous passengers with him at the time, actors Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany, who were shooting the movie Transcendence when Musk offered to take them out on a test drive. In fact, Paul Bettany was actually sitting on Johnny Depp’s lap during the drive, which probably didn’t help matters when the trio got pulled over by the cops.

18 Justin Bieber

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Teen star Justin Bieber is now a not-so-grown-up twentysomething—at least if his antics while driving are anything to go by. Not only was Bieber arrested in 2014 for driving under the influence and driving without a license, but he has also been stopped twice by the cops for speeding. The first incident came in 2012 when he was still just 18 years old after he was stopped by police for driving at 100 mph through Los Angeles while reportedly trying to escape paparazzi photographers. His second speeding ticket that we know of came in 2015 when he was clocked at driving 25 mph over the limit in his new Ferrari.

17 Gordon Ramsay

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This celebrity chef and television presenter may be notorious for his fiery temper but he is also well known for his love of fast cars, with a collection that includes several Ferraris, a Bentley Continental GT, an Aston Martin DB7, and a Porsche 911 Turbo. So it probably won’t come as a surprise that Ramsay has been caught speeding, even though he was actually caught while driving a much more sedate Land Rover—at twice the 40 mph speed imposed temporarily while roadworks were being carried out. Ramsay has also admitted that he regularly goes over the speed limit while driving his Ferraris in the US, though he has yet to be caught in the act!

16 Kim Kardashian

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There’s not much chance of Keeping up with Kardashians given that most of the family seem to have been stopped for speeding at some time in their lives. Khloe Kardashian was pulled over by the cops in 2013 after speeding to avoid photographers, while big sister Kim was also stopped by the cops when she went over the speed limit in her Rolls Royce in 2012, in another misguided attempt to get away from the paparazzi. In this case, however, the photographer was also ticketed by the cops for pulling up on the freeway in order to take pictures on the incident.

15 Kylie Jenner

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Even the younger members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been getting in on the act when it comes to irresponsible driving. In January 2014, Kylie was pulled over by the police for speeding in her $125,000 Mercedes SUV only a few months after she was involved in an accident, which itself came just 18 days after she got her license. That wasn’t the end of Kylie’s run-ins with the law either, as she was stopped by cops in July 2014 because her tinted windows were too dark and because she was traveling with a passenger under the age of 25, which is illegal in California for newly-qualified drivers.

14 Louis Tomlinson

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One Direction star Louis Tomlinson was stopped by the police in 2012 after he was clocked doing 48 mph in a 40-mph zone as he rushed to get to the V Festival, where he and bandmate Niall Horan ended up in further trouble with security for their raucous partying until 4 AM! Tomlinson, who had passed his test less than two years before the incident, picked up three penalty points on his license and also had to pay a $100 fine, but he seems to have learned his lesson, as there have been no run-ins with the traffic police since that incident.

13 Marilyn Monroe

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Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe is another famous face who was pulled over for speeding. However, when she was stopped by LA cop Roy Garrett, who patrolled Sunset Boulevard on his Harley Davidson in the 1950s and 1960s, she managed to get out of a ticket by offering him a signed photo. In fact, Garrett pulled over so many Hollywood stars—all of whom he let off in exchange for a signed photo—that he ended up with one of the best collections of autographs in Los Angeles! Modern celebrities definitely wouldn’t get away with making that kind of offer today.

12 Chris Brown

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Chris Brown seems to make a habit of getting into trouble with the law while he’s in one of his many cars. After all, he was found to have assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna when the couple was in his vehicle after the 2009 Grammy Awards. Brown was also in trouble with the cops when he was pulled over for speeding in his Porsche in 2013, having been reportedly driving at more than 60 mph in a 35 mph zone, while the police were also apparently interested in questioning him about his part in a brawl with singer Frank Ocean. It seems Brown doesn’t understand the concept of keeping a low profile…

11 Jeremy Clarkson

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In his role as presenter of Top Gear and The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson is used to driving some of the fastest cars around and he usually gets to really push them to their limit by taking them on a spin around a racetrack, where speed limits don’t matter. In 2014, Clarkson was caught speeding while driving from Yorkshire to London, getting points on his license for the first time in thirty years of driving, although he had previously admitted in 2008 that the fastest he had ever driven on public roads—and not for the TV cameras—was an astonishing 186mph.

10 Flavor Flav

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Rapper Flavor Flav made his name as one of the members of Public Enemy and has gone on to take part in a number of reality TV series after his music career came to an end. Flavor Flav, real name William Drayton, had been in trouble with the cops for much of his life, including a number of traffic offenses, including driving without a license and driving without insurance. Drayton was stopped by the police in New York in 2014 for speeding while he was on his way to his mother’s funeral and was pulled over again in Las Vegas the following year for driving over the speed limit and being under the influence of illegal substances.

9 Seth Gilliam

via Chicago Tribune

The name Seth Gilliam might not be quite as familiar as some of the other celebrities on this list, but anyone who has watched the successful TV series The Walking Dead will certainly recognize his face. Gilliam plays Father Gabriel Stokes in the zombie-themed show, as well as starring in cop drama The Wire as Sergeant Ellis Carver. The actor ended up on the wrong side of the law in 2015, however, when he was arrested by police officers in Peachtree City, Georgia, for driving at 107 mph in a 55mph zone and he was subsequently charged with speeding and reckless driving

8 David Hasselhoff

via GQ

Depending on your age, David Hasselhoff is either known for his role as Mitch on Baywatch or as Michael Knight in the car-based crime series, Knight Rider. The car he drove in the show, KITT, was a technologically-advanced vehicle with artificial intelligence that was capable of driving itself, even when others were in the driving seat. KITT might go some way towards explaining why Hasselhoff tried to blame KITT when he got caught speeding while taking part in a charity road race called the Gumball rally, although it has to be said that his tongue was firmly in cheek when he made the claim!

7 James May

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Like Jeremy Clarkson, his Top Gear and Grand Tour co-presenter James May is also more than capable of handling a vehicle at high speeds on a racetrack—even if his colleagues have given him the nickname “Captain Slow” for his unusually cautious approach to motoring! It would seem that this moniker is rather unfair to May, as he was actually caught driving over the 30 mph speed limit in central London in 2016 just minutes after he had picked up his new Honda motorcycle. May took the option of a speed awareness course rather than getting three points on his license.

6 Orlando Bloom

via popsugar

Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom is another celebrity who had only just got his hands on a new vehicle when he was pulled over by the police for speeding. Bloom was driving a brand new, $115,000 BMW M6 Gran Coupe when cops in Malibu, California, spotted him driving at speed and pulled him over. This brush with the law came just a few months after Bloom had been stopped for speeding in Beverley Hills, though on that occasion the officer had let him off with a warning. However, there was no such luck for the Pirates of the Caribbean star the second time around.

5 Ben Affleck

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Another Hollywood star, Ben Affleck, had a little run-in with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2010 when he was pulled over by traffic cops for speeding in his Lexus in Santa Monica, with then-wife Jennifer Garner in the passenger seat. This wasn’t the first time Affleck had found himself in trouble with the cops for his speedy driving, though, as he was arrested back in 2001 when police spotted his car traveling at 114 mph on a highway in Georgia. The Good Will Hunting star spent a few hours in the local county jail before being released after posting a $1,114 bond.

4 Ross Brawn

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Fans of Formula One motor racing will recognize the name Ross Brawn, as he has been one of the most successful team managers in the sport, working for his own Brawn GP team as well as Ferrari. In fact, Brawn worked for Ferrari when Michael Schumacher won his seven titles and is often credited with being the mastermind behind the German driver’s success. While Brawn may know all there is to know about working behind the scenes in motorsport, his own driving abilities were called into question in 2009 when he was spotted driving at more than 100 mph in his Mercedes E320 and was fined $1,000 for the offense.

3 David Coulthard

via The Times

It might be surprising to learn that someone who works behind the scenes in motorsports has got such an impressive turn of pace, but when Formula One driver David Coulthard got stopped for speeding in 2016, very few people would have been surprised. Coulthard, who won 13 Grand Prix races during his career, was fronting a road safety campaign when he was clocked traveling at 110 mph on a French motorway while taking part in the Gumball Rally. He was one of over forty drivers taking part in the race who were caught speeding by the French authorities on the same stretch of road.

2 Prince Jackson

via FanPop

Prince Jackson, the oldest child of the late singer Michael, has not exactly had the most stable childhood. Aside from all the unusual things which used to happen on Jackson’s Neverland estate, he then had to go through the trauma of losing his father in 2009 when he was aged just 12 years old. Just a few years later, Prince was caught going over the speed limit in his pickup near his home in the luxury suburb of Calabasas, where he was clocked driving at 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. He was hit with a $250 fine, which is a drop in the ocean compared to his net worth of over $100 million.

1 Emma Stone

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Emma Stone is one of the most successful young actresses in Hollywood at the moment, with no sign of any controversy or scandal on the horizon. She may enjoy celebrity parties but she has so far managed to avoid getting into too much trouble, apart from the speeding ticket which she picked up in 2012 in Malibu, where she was celebrating the birthday of her then-boyfriend, and Spiderman co-star, Andrew Garfield. She should really have learned from his mistakes, as Garfield himself had been stopped for speeding only a few days earlier when Stone was a passenger in the car!

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